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Lucy O'Doll

One of my favorite lighting set ups (when I make it work right). A beauty dish, and big big soft light, and a hair/rim light. It doesn't always work out for me, but when it does I LOVE it.

  • Natalie and a big Paul C Buff Umbrella

    Last year I wanted to try a slightly different light set up than I normally use, and Natalie was nice enough to shoot with me at Wonderland Studios. I had a big PCB 72in silver umbrella with the cover on it, and v-flat on the other side. Just big soft…

    Lights and Gels

    I was looking at too many photos from Jake Hicks so I wanted to shoot stuff last year with some colored gels. I really would love to do it again when I can, I think I could get ok at it. =)