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Erin Kennedy in Santa Monica

A few years back I did a shoot where I didn't have any flashes and it is still one of my favorite shoots I have done. I shot with Erin Kennedy up in Santa Monica. I'd never been to this park, and I lucked out on it having some awesome light and really cool architecture around the park. Here are some of the images I got. 

  • Pinups at The Flying Leatherneck Museum

    For the first time in a long time I went to a group shoot, set up by Tiera Marie, down at the very cool Flying Leatherneck Museum on MCAS Miramar. She had some great cars brought out for the girls to shoot with, but I was there to shoot with planes…

    Dark Lacy Lucy O'Doll

    I went back a few years again and processed a few images in the spirit of it almost being Halloween. I used Infinite Color Panel which I didn't have back then, and a few things I have learned since then. I really miss making images like these with the…