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Natalie in the Field of Flowers II

Natalie came down to shoot in the field of flowers near me, where we shot some great stuff 2 years ago. This time we didn't shoot at the beach afterwards, but we still got more than enough images to keep me busy in post processing for a little bit.

I used my CheetahStand Quick Soup Bowl 26in that I always use, with the same ol' AD200. I was wishing I had more power and a bigger modifier at first, but then I had to hang everything at an awkward angle on a small hill and was glad my set up was light!

I love shooting with flash outside. The AD200 usually has to be cranked WAY up, and I usually take out the main diffusion part of the 26in QSB. I think the light coming out of it still is great.

Enough blabbing, here are the photos.